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Targeted Risk Adjustment Coding (TRACtm)

Powered by WellTrackONE Clinical Triggerstm and revealMDtm

End your worries about audit risk, lost revenue, under-coding,
over-coding, under-performing providers and HCC irregularities.
With Targeted Risk Adjustment Coding (TRAC), you can now find
these issues BEFORE the auditors do, AND FIX THEM!

WellTrackONE’s TRACtm system utilizes these key features to help you:

➢ Improve retrospective HCC Risk Adjustment using your claims
data powered through the revealMDtm engine

➢ Improve prospective HCC Risk Adjustment with our powerful
and simple Annual Wellness Visit solution that employs our
powerful and proprietary Clinical Triggers

➢ Employ digital health with PGx to identify hidden risk factors for
HCC coding using specialty diagnostics

➢ Identify under/over performing providers/specialists

➢ Compare your procedure coding to CMS data, all of our client
data or specialty averages

➢ Preview real audits (RAC/RADV) to anticipate errors

➢ Zero in on missed revenue opportunities from provider UNDER
coding (or find overly-aggressive/dangerous OVER coding!)

➢ Audit modifier violations and inspect E&M outliers

“As non-clinicians, we were limited in our ability to adequately assess risk and opportunity in our Provider documentation. Prior to 2021 EM changes, we would review bell curve data and perform the audits. Often, the elements were captured with templated notes resulting in providers passing their audits, leaving bell curve variances unresolved. We pondered on how our coding department could support providers beyond just counting the elements in the documentation. Without a clinical perspective, how would we determine the best samples to take into discussions with those providers? When this challenge was presented, they responded beautifully with reveal/MD that provided specific reported diagnoses that could further highlight the presenting conditions with high/low variances as compared to their peers. It was ingenious to create a bell curve specific to billed diagnoses! It has been a game changer in being able to target our review of documentation with the associated diagnosis. We can now easily pull cases based on diagnosis variance to review the presenting problems with possible comorbidities that place patients at a higher or lower risk in comparison to others.”

Manager, Health Information Management/Coding
Physician Enterprise CommonSpiritHealth

➢ Catch and fix missing repetitive ICD-10 codes that result in significant loss of revenue
➢ Get fingertip access to your audit risk or revenue gain/loss potential any time you need it

FREE OFFER: We will process your claims data through our TRAC system for a “test run” to show you where your audit risk or revenue losses are at NO CHARGE. Then, we are sure you will love the potential $ savings and will also love the aversion of $ penalties with continued use of WellTrackONE TRAC!
ADDED BONUS: We know your staff likely needs help to use your TRAC data to make improvements in your audit risk, revenue increase and HCC coding. Let us bring in our professional healthcare consulting team to help you FIX any issues including revenue loss or provider training issues that are identified by WellTrackONE TRAC.

Contact us: (843) 341-9355 or TRAC@welltrackone.com for a FREE consult and data analysis today!