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Annual Wellness Visit

Our innovative Annual Wellness Visit solution uses THEO, a proprietary end-to-end, tablet-based AWV platform. The automated system checks AWV eligibility and provides a simple interface for patient self-assessment that may be completed in 10 minutes in the waiting room via the telephone or via telehealth. THEO analyzes the results, and gives the provider immediate information on the patient’s health risks. Beyond that, THEO identifies and recommends medically necessary and reimbursable preventative services such as laboratory tests, assessments and interventions.

PharmD Concierge

Provide patients with the focused attention they need and want by embedding a licensed pharmacist in your practice. Under your direct supervision, pharmacists help with billable services such as annual wellness visits, medication reviews and reconciliation, fall and pain assessments, cognitive impairment screenings, pharmacogenomic testing and more.

Covid-19 Testing

WellTrackONE offers a fully managed, turnkey at-home COVID-19 testing solution to allow your practice to screen patients prior to office visits or procedures, travel, or following exposure to the virus. We handle all test kit shipping and processing, laboratory testing, telehealth consults with a licensed pharmacist, and billing under your practice NPI.

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