PharmD Concierge

Time is a diminishing commodity for providers, and it is precisely what patients want from the office visit. PharmD Concierge bridges the gap by providing a comprehensive program that benefits physicians and patients.

A licensed pharmacist is placed in the practice under the supervision of the provider to work with patients and typically perform the following:

  • Conduct a brief evaluation with established patient (reviewing the patient’s meds and Hx in detail)
  • Perform the Annual Wellness Visit
  • Provide medication counseling, review and reconciliation. 
  • Advise and help the patient create an Advanced Care Plan.
  • Conduct a Fall Risk Assessment along with pertinent patient education.
  • Perform a Pain Assessment
  • Perform a Cognitive Impairment Screening
  • Administer a pharmacogenomic test, if directed by the provider

Based on the patient's comorbidities, recommended "Clinical Tracks" are available to provide comprehensive care management. This may include:

  • Chronic obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory disease
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Fall risk
  • Alcohol/opioid abuse
  • Behavioral health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hearing loss
  • Failed medical therapy
  • Allergies

Extend Practice Services and Revenue With No Additional Costs

  • In many practices it is difficult for staff to find time to perform AWVs and get Quality Measures; PharmD Concierge does that for them.
  • Providers often are overworked and have little time to do comprehensive reviews; our pharmacists take that burden off the provider.
  • Staff can be overworked as well; PharmD Concierge does not require extra work on their part.
  • Many practices would like to provide additional patient care services, but they are hindered by the lack of resources and costs associated with them. PharmD Concierge provides comprehensive patient care services without adding staff or costs.
  • Billing is difficult – often practices do not understand codes for these screenings; we do the billing and the practice gets paid quickly.


  • Pharmacists are experts at medication review and reconciliation. This program:
    • Provides the practice with a medication expert;
    • Helps mitigate the out-of-control pharma costs in healthcare systems; and
    • Adds a trusted team member and excellent collaboration for the provider.
  • The practice completes approximately 85% of their AWVs with no additional work by the staff or the provider.
  • Quality Measures are achieved at a higher rate.
  • Proprietary evidence-based algorithms or “Clinical Triggers” assess the relative risks of the patient and recommend follow-on procedures and services based on medical necessity for which payers will reimburse the practice.
  • The physician is provided with speculative HCC RAF Codes that can substantially enhance Medicare reimbursements for risk-based contracts.
  • Our program reduces physician workload while providing more information about patients and their health risks.
  • Patients obtain excellent medication review by a highly qualified medication expert.
  • The provider has peace of mind in knowing that there is a peer collaborator helping with their patient management. 
  • The program helps reduce medical malpractice premiums for providers that deploy the PharmD Concierge.
  • Patients receive the best care to enhance their quality of life.
  • Providers see a substantial increase in revenue without adding costs or using staff time.
  • Over and above the significant revenue increase, this collaboration between the pharmacist and physician provides tremendous value to the practice and its patients.