COVID-19 Testing

With the emergence of new COVID-19 variants, it is apparent that testing will
remain essential even as vaccine rates climb. WellTrackONE delivers a number
of turnkey Covid-19 testing solutions.

Covid-19 Testing Services Available

  • MUNICIPALITY COVID TESTING—Our low-cost COVID-19 testing program lets municipalities roll out widespread testing of employees, their families, and residents. Our program meets municipalities’ needs to provide on-site COVID testing, in-home Covid testing, or both.
  • ON-SITE COVID-19 TESTING—A turnkey COVID-19 testing program that can be set up at various locations such as worksites, event venues, airports and more.
  • IN-HOME COVID-19 TESTING—This COVID-19 testing program allows individuals to be tested in the comfort and security of their home. There is no cost to the individual or the practice (insurance is billed).
  • PRE-APPOINTMENT COVID-19 TESTING—This program allows medical practices and ambulatory centers to test patients prior to a scheduled appointment. This solution requires no staff effort, and practices avoid cancelled surgeries and procedures.
  • CARE FACILITY COVID-19 TESTING—COVID-19 testing program for patients and staff as well as friends and family visiting the facility.
  • EMPLOYER COVID-19 TESTING— A program for employers to test their employees and families

Security and Privacy

WellTrackONE follows all HIPAA requirements related to personal health information. All the data collected will be entered into our certified and secure Electronic Medical Record system and all paper forms will be secured and destroyed once they are no longer needed.