WellTrackONE Partners with 1DocWay

Hilton Head Island – November 19, 2014 – – WellTrackONE Corporation with offices in Hilton Head, SC, New York and San Antonio, TX announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with 1DocWay of New York and Seattle. The partnership falls under the “Clinical Triggers Select™” program offered by WellTrackONE where select partners are integrated into the WellTrackONE Clinical Triggers system which is part of the Annual Wellness Visit system for Medicare patients.

This partnership accentuates the power of telehealth as it pertains to psychiatry and psychology. 1DocWay specializes in powering telepsychiatry connections between patients and behavioral health specialists. With 1DocWay integrated into WellTrackONE’s “Clinical Triggers Select” program, primary care physician offices can easily identify previously undetected psychiatric illness and make referrals for their patients who need psychiatric treatment or psychological evaluations.

“At the conclusion of the Annual Wellness Visit, our Clinical Triggers will determine if the patient needs a referral to a behavioral health specialist,” said Peter Bechtel, President/CEO of WellTrackONE. “At that time, the staff will be alerted to the referral need and the 1DocWay system will engage to fulfill the referral to treat the patient directly in the primary care setting.”

1DocWay CEO Samir Malik said that telehealth psychiatry and psychology sessions are seeing a strong surge, in part because of recent changes in the regulatory climate: “State and Federal authorities recognize that telehealth is an essential and viable means of providing behavioral health services to patients and 1DocWay is squarely positioned to be the provider of those services.” He noted that currently 1DocWay is operating in 8 States and has treated over 15,000 patients in need of mental health treatment.

The WellTrackONE-1DocWay partnership will help tens of thousands of senior citizens annually who are suffering from depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorders, PTSD and drug dependence by giving them faster and easier access to behavioral health specialists using the 1DocWay’s physicians and telepsychiatry solution. This partnership underscores the importance of telehealth as it pertains to psychiatry and psychology and how it is serving a growing segment of the healthcare population.

For more information, please contact Robb Lamaker, Marketing Manager at WellTrackONE Corporation at (843) 341-9355 or rlamaker@welltrackone.com or visit www.welltrackone.co. For 1DocWay information, please contact Samir Malik at (314) 578-5416 or samir@1DocWay.com.

About WellTrackONE Corporation
WellTrackONE, a population health management company, offers an end-to-end solution to physician offices, ACOs, integrated delivery networks, hospitals and other physician networks that helps them administer the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit to all their Medicare patients. The Annual Wellness Visit has been an integral part of the Affordable Care Act since 2011 and is a key cost-reducing program of the United States healthcare budget. Using a full-service model, WellTrackONE can help physicians process these critical wellness visits with no change in their workflow and in turn allow them to identify the key risk factors of their patients. Once these risk factors are identified, physicians can initiate treatment plans through its proprietary Clinical Triggers program to prevent the onset of chronic illness and disease as well as falls, breaks and fractures. Contact WellTrackONE at sales@welltrackone.com.
About 1DocWay
1DocWay helps mental health providers expand psychiatry inpatient and outpatient revenue by connecting specialists to underserved patient populations, through lightweight technology and support. With 1DocWay, rural, elderly, and other underserved patients can schedule appointments online and see psychiatrists through our secure video chat platform. In doing so, 1DocWay helps psychiatric providers expand their reach of services into underserved areas, building hospitals’ referral base; works with underserved care facilities to increase access to psychiatrists and improve community health; and reduces the high cost of comorbid patients suffering both chronic and mental illnesses. Contact 1DocWay at samir@1DocWay.com.

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