WellTrackONE introduces PreventONE™ as the name of their Annual Wellness Visit Solution

Hilton Head Island – April 6, 2016 – WellTrackONE Corporation is pleased to announce that PreventONE™ is now the official name of their Medicare Annual Wellness Visit solution. WellTrackONE has also renamed their population management tool and it will now be known as AccessONE™.

The new PreventONE™ name helps signify the intent of the Annual Wellness Visit which is to help Medicare patients prevent illness and injury and keep them healthier and happier for a longer period of time by enabling them to take control of their health.

Since 2012, WellTrackONE has been helping physicians and physician organizations to generate revenue and predict risk utilizing the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit. The Annual Wellness Visit has been an integral part of the Affordable Care Act since 2010 and is a key cost-reducing program of the United States healthcare budget.  Using a full-service model, WellTrackONE helps physicians process these critical wellness visits by utilizing its PreventONE™ program with no change in their workflow and in turn allows them to identify the potential risk factors of their patients.

Once these potential risk factors are identified, physicians initiate recommended treatment options through the company’s proprietary Clinical Triggers™ to prevent the onset of chronic illness and disease as well as falls, breaks and fractures. The genesis of a Clinical Trigger is driven by all the information captured during the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) under the PreventONE™ template and its 350+ data points (health data selections).  These markers of potential risk factors, indicators of current health conditions, and symptoms of what may be new or worsening concerns, mirror the purpose of the AWV, as it is reflected in its required elements. Clinical Triggers may also include identification of other services that the patient may receive after the physician has reviewed the results. An example is the risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment and a recommendation to use the Sceen Inc™ CANS-MCI computerized cognitive test as a further evaluation of the patient’s condition.

AccessONE™, formally known as the Reportal, displays the data collected during the Annual Wellness Visit in a consistent and unified manner. Moreover, the data is captured year after year; this offers healthcare organizations the ability to see “trending” data – such as risk factors for colorectal cancer trended over time. Trending data is invaluable to measure the effectiveness of an organization’s outcomes and intervention strategies. This valuable tool is a critical piece of the puzzle to help organizations transition from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare.

For more information about the WellTrackONE Corporation, PreventONE™, AccessONE™ and Clinical Triggers™, please visit www.WellTrackONE.com or contact Robbert Lamaker, Marketing Manager, at rlamaker@welltrackone.com.

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