Warp Factor 9: Chronic Care Management + Wellness Program

Chronic Care Management + Wellness Program

Why would we steal a line from Star Trek to describe our new Chronic Care Management + Wellness program? Because we believe that this unique and powerful system gives physicians true light speed potential to revenue, patient care and cost savings for Medicare. It’s the end all solution. And it’s simple. That may be the most compelling part.

Backing up

Everyone by now knows that CMS launched a concerted Annual Wellness Visit initiative as part of the Affordable Care Act. And it should be no surprise that only 12% of physicians in the US have embraced it. Why? If not managed, it’s a shift in the office workflow and a change to the physician’s time constraints….and on top of that Medicare required strict documentation standards with which physicians cannot typically comply.

WellTrackONE has solved this dilemma since 2011 by offering its powerful Annual Wellness Visit solution. This solution includes:

– Patient outreach and engagement, scheduling and screening

– Simple tablet software to capture 100% of the data needed

– Clinical Triggerstm that provide point-of-care recommended and medically necessary treatment options

– HCC Risk Adjustment code suggestions

– WellTrackONE Reportaltm that allows care teams to see risk stratified chronically ill patients who need care, trend reports, outcomes and demographic surveys

– WellTrackONE CCD Extractortm that allows practices to download the wellness data directly to their EHR

– Fully-compliant physician reports that stand up to any Medicare audit

This solution has been implemented in private practices, ACOs, IPAs, Integrated Networks, PHOs and Hospitals all over the country for over 3 years with great success. Physicians have reaped the rewards with increased revenue, better patient care and all without any intrusion or change in workflow.

New Program from CMS

Enter 2015 and now physicians have been given a new opportunity to increase revenue through a program called “Chronic Care Management” or “CCM”. CCM rewards physicians who manage their chronically ill patients by paying them around $42/month per patient. Medicare sees the value in physicians who do this because the cost savings to CMS are potentially huge.

1. But there’s a small problem…actually two small problems. Physicians need to provide the care for not only those patients who have already been diagnosed with chronic illnesses but also those who POTENTIALLY have chronic illnesses. That means physicians need a way to PREDICT RISK.

2. The CCM system requires an extensive amount of work by the care team. Most physicians simply do not have the time or energy to put this program together never mind manage it every day or month.

Warp Factor 9

WellTrackONE has teamed up with MD Revolution to create a powerful, all-encompassing new program that solves both the Annual Wellness Visit need PLUS the Chronic Care Management requirements. This program gives physicians the chance to participate actively in both programs with as little work as possible. The net result is that patient care quality will skyrocket and costly chronic illnesses and comorbidities will decrease along with cost. This new program is a win-win for everyone.

Here’s how it works

1. Predicting Risk – This requirement is satisfied by the WellTrackONE AWV solution. Physicians sign on to have their Medicare patients scheduled and processed through the Annual Wellness Visit every year. The output is a defining list of patients with potential risks for chronic illnesses or catastrophic injuries (risk of falls). This is the starting point of Warp Factor 9.

2. CCM Management – With the defining list of patients with potential risks combined with patients who have already been diagnosed, the physician engages with MD Revolution who now deploys a care team backed by a powerful digital solution platform to manage the patients in the diagnosed or identified-risk categories methodically through evidence-based medical care plans. The care plans are interfaced with the physicians’ meaningful use certified EHR systems and physicians are called upon to render face to face treatments with their patients at appropriate points.

Net Value

By deploying the combined program, physicians will increase their revenue substantially. Here’s the typical revenue increase for a physician who has 300 Medicare patients processed through the combined program year after year:

Net revenue from the Annual Wellness Visits:                                    $ 34,500
Secondary revenue from AWV recommendations and FUP care:  $114,000
Net revenue from CCM care:                                                                 $ 97,200
Total first year increase in revenue from the program:                $ 245,700

Additional years will be less because the AWV revenue drops for successive years; however, new patients will be enrolled in the first year G0438 rate so the offset will help balance the overall revenue year after year.

The effects beyond revenue are compelling:

– Patient care goes up without draining the physician’s energy or tapping his/her resourcessignificantly

– Chronic care management decreases the cost of care to the Medicare system, potentially savingbillions of taxpayer dollars each year

– Quality of Life and Independence for the patient increases exponentially

We have the experience, reputation and a powerful program that we would like very much to share with you and help you achieve the above goals. This can be done without any interference to a practice and with very little actual physician time involvement. We can increase your bottom line and increase the quality of care to your patients.


Peter Bechtel, CEO of WellTrackONE
Dr Jeffrey Bishop, CMO of Advanced Health Care Technologies
Reese Gomez, Chief Strategy Officer at MD Revolution

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