It’s now Saturday morning, March 25th, 2017.  Yesterday, the replacement for the Affordable Care Act was pulled off the table and both Democrats and Republicans walked away from the painful contention created over the last several months.

Today, social media, news pundits, bloggers, and everyone with an opinion are afoot – blaming, condemning, backtracking and otherwise pointing fingers.  “Who was responsible?”  “Who was to blame?” “What happens next?”

The simple truth is that the American people simply need to look in the mirror to aim their fingers in the right direction.

This isn’t the fault of the Republicans; it isn’t the fault of the Democrats.  It’s not an issue with the insurance companies or the doctors.

It’s you, Mr. and Ms. American.  You’ve lost control.

Yes, that’s correct.  You.  You, me, we – all of us are to blame for the healthcare crisis in America.  And in case you didn’t read that last sentence correctly, it IS a crisis; one of the most expensive crises we have or ever will face.  And unless we come to grips with the cause, this “blame game” we love to play will continue ad infinitum.

You see, what you DIDN’T hear during all the vitriolic yelling and screaming in the last several months was ANY politician standing up and saying: “Wait a minute, wait a minute.  I’m here to set the record straight.  The problem with healthcare in America is NOT ObamaCare. It’s NOT the Republicans and it’s NOT the Democrats.  It’s YOU my good constituents.”

That’s because politicians need to get re-elected and heaven help them if they stand up and insult the very people they need for casting votes their way in a few years.

Even if it’s the truth?

OK, Mr. hotshot blogger – you’re so damn smart.  What do you mean “all of us are to blame for the healthcare crisis in America?”

Oh, thank you for asking.  I’m happy to take the floor and explain my remarks.

In the last 40 years, we have gone from a country of moderation to a country of gross excess.  We pride ourselves on our ability to have anything we want as quickly as we want it.  That includes food and lots of it.  It also includes cigarettes and it also includes convenience.  This gratification we have learned to achieve is the root cause of our healthcare crisis.

How so?

Let’s break it down:


* For about $9-$12 we can go to any number of “all you can eat” buffets – and you know the ones I’m referring to – and literally stuff ourselves with over 3,000 calories at a sitting.  And we do this multiple times per week!

* We think nothing of sitting down for breakfast and eating a HUGE helping of eggs benedict, sausage, bacon, potatoes, muffins, toast with butter, biscuits and grits.  Oh, but we’ll have decaf coffee, please.

* These lunches we’re eating are unbelievable.  Look at the portion size!  You would think we are feeding 5 people with the food they put on our LUNCH plates!

* Our children are ordering $6 caramel macchiato frappuccino, light-whip, extra caramel drinks at the rate of 2-3 per DAY!   Whaaaaat?  Seriously?  Where in the world are they getting the money to pay for this craziness?  Oh…sorry…I forgot they all have credit cards now.

* We go to the WORST fast food places 3-4 times per week (or more) and stuff ourselves with triple burgers with cheese and biggie-fries – but we’ll have the diet cola please.

* Our dinners with our families consist of pizza or some other manufactured substance.  Whatever happened to taking 15 minutes to chop up some potatoes, onions, carrots, green beans and lean hamburger and making a simple casserole for dinner?

* What do your kids drink when they are thirsty?  Milk?  Iced tea? Ice water?  Or is it an extra large soda (whose plastic container gets tossed out the window on the highway at some point because it’s so difficult to hold on to it and take it to a recycling container).


* We smoke too much.  The tobacco companies can’t advertise in magazines or TVs any more but they still have their ways of getting into our brains.   The net of this is that tobacco is one of the most addictive substances in our possession and we as a nation are weak when it comes to restraint from tobacco.


* It used to be the case that if we wanted a cup of coffee we would drive up to our favorite coffee place, park the car, get OUT of the car, walk 30 feet to the front door and go inside to order.  Pshaw.  That is so 70s!  Now we have DRIVE-THROUGH lanes where we can rest our tushes in our comfy, oversized mini-van captain’s chairs, get in a line of 4-5 cars, spew exhaust into the atmosphere and have our drinks handed to us.  We never, ever have to get out of our cars…how awesome!

* Entertainment (back in the T-Rex days) used to consist of some outdoor activity involving walking, playing, biking, cavorting – whatever it was –  it involved the “consumption of calories” from the body.  It kept our bodies lean and strong because we were using our muscles and keeping our bones strong.  Now?  Let’s pack the family up and head to the – ta da – movie theater where we SIT and EAT.  Or let’s go downstairs to our entertainment center in our houses and watch movies and … SIT and EAT.

I could go on.  This blogger is reacting to what he sees every day and it’s frightening because it’s getting worse before it gets better.    Here’s the punchline:

* Diabetes – used to be one of those conditions you rarely heard about 40 years ago.  Now the commercials on the TV show an overweight, diabetic person SMILING because they stay comforted in the notion that they can stay nice and plump (and diabetic) and take a nice (expensive) pill that keeps their HbA1c in check.  Really? This is the messaging we’re supposed to get?  That we can be HAPPY DIABETICs and take a pill?

* Heart disease patients are coming out of the walls – and again, there are commercials showing how you can ACCEPT BEING A HEART DISEASE patient and simply take a pill because why on earth would you not want to be one of these people?

* COPD smoker/patients (I love this one) – are telling their grandchildren that they can’t “huff and puff and blow the house down anymore” because SOMEHOW they got COPD.  But – wait for it – there’s a medication for that one too.

Blah, blah, blah.  This blogger is venting at the absurdity of what is going on today in America.  Blame Obama. Blame Trump.  Blame Ryan.  Blame the doctors.  Blame Insurance companies.

But it’s US fellow Americans…it’s US we have to blame.  And if we are ever going to fix this disaster we call “Healthcare” it has to be US who does it.  We cannot be led around by our noses by the drug companies, the fast food companies, the all-you-can eat buffet companies, the tobacco companies – any longer.  WE have to take control of our lives.  Not the politicians.  Not the drug companies. WE DO.

As soon as this grass roots movement takes shape and gets us to re-take control of our lives, we will reduce the deficit by BILLIONS of dollars, make our lives more AFFORDABLE, make our bodies STRONGER and live greater lives because we won’t have to listen to endless hours of fighting in Washington by people who shouldn’t be waging that battle in the first place.

Let’s just do it.

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