About Us

WellTrackONE is an industry-leading company dedicated to providing quality wellness solutions to healthcare providers and organizations throughout the country. The company focuses on three main service lines: The Annual Wellness Visit; Covid-19 testing; and the PharmD Concierge program.

WellTrackONE’s signature product - THEO - is a proprietary, end-to-end tablet-based Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) solution. THEO provides physicians and healthcare organizations with a comprehensive baseline assessment of patient health risks, recommends preventative interventions and captures measurable reporting data.
COVID-19 Testing
WellTrackONE delivers a comprehensive, turn-key COVID-19 testing program that can be customized to the needs of medical practices, municipalities, worksites, long-term care facilities, and more.​
PharmD Concierge
The PharmD Concierge program generates significant revenue by embedding a remote, licensed pharmacist within the medical practice. Working incidental to the physician, this highly trained healthcare professional conducts the wellness assessments and screenings, provides medication review and counseling.​ and more.
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